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Whistles from Alba Aerophonics

Alba Whistles are handcrafted in the Highlands of Scotland from beautifully finished brushed aluminium. These high quality musical instruments, (variously known as a penny whistle, tin whistle or vertical fipple flute), feature a multi-coloured synthetic fipple plug made from water resistant albanite. Another Alba inovation, a novel mouthpiece with a curved windway, helps to reduce moisture problems. In addition, the decorative rings engraved around the shaft and the intricate Alba logo emphasise the craftsmanship involved and make the whistles very attractive to look at.

The whistles are made in tuneable and non-tuneable versions and are available in a range of keys from a soprano G down to the A low whistle with its haunting and ethereal tone. While each Alba whistle is a unique hand made instrument, all have the distinctive, seductive Alba sound, "…like Marilyn Monroe singing 'Happy Birthday' to John F Kennedy" (Dale Wisely, Chiff and Fipple web-magazine)

Alba Aerophonics, Seunbann, Ardvannie, Edderton, Ross-shire, Scotland, IV19 1LD
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Alba whistles * often copied - But never equalled *** Please note that we are only making tuneables now apart from the wonderful Q1 soprano! which you now can have tuneable: After a long long time i have now had to increase prices. You can now order the Q1 tuneable and the vibe soprano D tuneable which replaces the standard soprano D
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